About us

Socialground since 1995

Our portfolio is the best proof of our achievements and quality of our services. Throughout the years we have worked for innumerable numer of customers – small companies starting up their activities and big corporations with well established market position. We have provided multiple solutions, websites and services in marketing field.

Starting from simple information websites through the biggest e-commerce services, ending with comprehensive marketing care and special projects – each of the tasks has been equally important and we have been performing each of hem with equal involvement, having in mind the customers’ best interests as the ultimate goal.

Our Team

The socialground team consists of the best specialists in respective fields. Professionals who have been working on e-commerce and web image since 1995. The experience gained by our designers, programmers, implementation experts and analyticians is priceless and stands out in the industry..

The great experience of our team has taught us to treat each customer individually:
recognize his needs, choose appropriate tools and propose solution which will enable optimal achievement of the set goal.

We respect time and money of our customers. Out of a wide range of means we recommend implementation of only those solutions which allow reaching the set goal within the agreed budget.

We know how the internet works. Thanks to our experience we know what our customers need, we know how to utilize the network’s potential and choose appropriate tools.

Thanks to the knowledge gained we managed to create a wide offer in which everyone can find his solution. Starting from modern websites, through eshops and more complex servcies, ending with sophisticated systems, we are able to provide any solution in any budget.

The results of our work stand for our recommendation, and it states clearly: it is worth to become our customer and meet the new dimension of services, the best for your business.

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