Optimal package

Optimal choice

Our OPTIMAL package is the best choice for those who want to present their activities on a wider scale. In this package we will create a website prepared in responsive design technology, with extended structure, many subpage templates, extended contact form and content management system.

We will create a website filled with content with regard to SEO, integrated with social portals.
We will integrate analytical tools to monitor webpage traffic and its value.
We will prepare a language versions- if needed.
We will extend the structure of service creating a subpages with multiple templates.

Selection of templates

We will prepare a few mainpage templates, which we will diescuss and help in final selection. We will prepare many subpage templates according to demand.


We will choose and prepare professionally designed graphics to be placed on the webpage. We will prepare iconography and all special graphics according to demand.

responsive design

We will prepare a webpage based on responsive design technologies, with faultless display on smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices, in all ratios.

seo optimation

We will prepare a web browser-friendly webpage which positions easily, filled with content based on the best SEO practices. We will integrate it with analytical tools.

Content management system

We will prepare a webpage with advanced content management system, which enables smooth implementation of changes and updates.


We will prepare a website integrated with such social portals as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

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