Start package

Easy start in social media

We constructed the START package having in mind all those who up till now haven’t used social media as tools facilitating promotions, sales or creation of brand awareness. This solution is for everyone, independently on the goal of setting the profile or the platform used.

START package – 350 eu

In START package at the beginning we consult our customers within their needs and demands and together we choose social platform or platforms on which the profiles are created.
After implementetion we make a handover of the profile skillfully filled with information and content, which facilitates searching for information on products, services, location and others.

The START package consists of:

Consultancy with customer and common setting of the goal for the new profile

Establishing profile in form and template appropriate for the profile of activity

Filling the profile with content, information and graphics

Managing the newly created profile for one month

15% of the budget set is used for promotion of the profile

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