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Webpages and internet services

We have been working on managing and creation of webpages for over 20 years. Our portfolio are dozens of large and smaller customers with whom we were working or are working up till now.

Thanks to our experience we were able to create a pioneer offer which makes the newest e-marketing solutions available for everyone.

We perfectly know market demands. We set following goals during preparation of the offer: simplicity, quick delivery and budget limitation. This is how the module offer was created which hits the targets of every business and activity, facilitating management, acquisition of new customers, recipients and significantly improving image.

We present solutions tailored to all needs in three modules. From basic webpages through more sophisticated websites, to eshops and complicated systems. Most importantly, our offer is tailored not only on functional grounds, but foremost is adjusted to every budget.

Our package offer:

500 eu

Fully functional, modern webpage delivered with CMS. Designed in appropriately chosen responsive templates, using the newest technologies and the best SEO practices.

650 eu

Advanced website with extended menu and multiple subpages. Fully responsive templates. Integration with social portals. Language versions, SEO ang Google analytics.


The most advanced systems, eshops, portals and webpages. Integration with databases, applications and networks. Webpages based on dedicated solutions and thorough analysis.

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