Advertisement campaigns

Advertisement Campaigns

We have been conducting campaigns for our customers for years, building the image of their brands and products or being a sales support.

Since 1995 we have gained enormous mareting experience which allows us to appropriately choose means and tools so that the target is reached with optimized expenses. Sometimes regular SEO audit and content management turn out to be sufficient, sometimes something more is needed. We advise our customers, starting from demand identification.

In times when acces to information is simple and fast, the key role of promotion is to make a mark among the competition and reach appropriate customer with the offer.

Our team specializes in all forms of promotions. We conduct campaigns in social media and Google. By using advanced analytical tools throuhout the whole promotion timespan we control action conversion and – if needed – we implement changes on the fly.

We cooperate with media outside internet, influencers, make product placement, conduct BTL campaigns and comprehensively provide media services.

Social Media

We conduct effetive campaigns on social platforms. We precisely choose target groups and forms of advertisement that will reach recipients.
We engage social groups.


We conduct effective Google campaigns.
We dynamically utilize Ad Word, GoogleAds and AdSense to reach the widest possible range of valuable customers.


We handle every form of BTL promotions. Depending on the budget available we will propose optimally chosen means of communication and methods of their introduction. We design and prepare all materials.

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