PRO package

PRO package

The PRO package is dedicated mainly to business customers. Within this package we work on individual IT solutions for customers whose work specifics requires very comrehensive approach.

In PRO package we implement solutions for which only imagination sets the limits. In this case none of requirements or needs poses an issue.

In each project we cooperate closely with the customer. Each project is preceeded with thorough analysis of customer’s activity profile and his needs, and the results and conclusions are transformed into the best possible solutions proposed.

Each solution in this package is a dedicated system, created having regard to needs and requirements of the customer, based on ergonomic architecture, using the newest technologies.

The PRO package are advanced eshops, portals, social functionalities, user accounts, content management systems.  Integrations with own databases or databases of suppliers, mailing and loyalty systems, as well as social portals.

Full offer of traffic monitoring and its energy content. Marketing and technical support, marketing consultancies.


We preceed implementation of the project with research of customer’s branch and interview on needs and demands.
We propose modern, optimal solutions with all needed functionalities.

Types of solutions

We implement services of all kinds. Big eshops, portals, information services, advanced enterprise webpages.

We are able to implement any functionality, depending on customer’s needs.

Dedicated systems

In PRO package we design each solution individually.
Each of the solutions implemented is a solution dedicaed for a customer.
Thanks to it none of the demands or functionalities poses a slightest problem to our team.

Professional suport

In PRO option we offer HELP DESK service.
It allows us to react to any issues that might occur.
We also offer suport in service, trainings and in all aspects connected with marketing and promotion.

Our experience

Our team has been specializing in design and implementation of the most sophisticated and advanced solutions for years.
We have worked with the largest companies in their branches, providing solutions improving ergonomy, facilitating business, allowing to save time and resouces.

Individual pricing

We care for the budget of our customers, it is one of our priorities.
The pricing of PRO package is always individual.
Thanks to our unlimited possibilities and dedicated projects we individually value our work and work on the budget together with the customer.

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