Social media


Social media are integral part of most people’s life all around the world. The scene of a person gazing at smartphone, scrolling walls of Facebook or Instagram, is something common.

Social media users who pin their location, describe their histories, education background, current employment and interests, are perfectly profiled group of recipients, which we can reach with surgical precision, with information on products or services of our customers. It is also a perfect opportunity to create and promote the own image, image of own brand or products.

Thanks to our longtime experience and awareness of demands of different customers we created an offer which is a response to market demands in its entirety, independently on branch.

We divided the simple and clear offer into segments.

Packages Offer:

350 eu

Establishing professional profiles on selected social platforms.
Filling with data and graphics.
Monthly managing of profiles, utilizing 15% of the budget set for promotions.

Management 350 eu

Monthly management of the profile. Filling with engaging content a few times a week. Analysis and optimization of target, traffic and conversion. Preparing for advertisement campaigns.


Full service for enterprise social channels. Utilizing analytical tools. Remarketing and integration with www. Animation of communication. Conducting multiple advertisement campaigns.

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